BoostCon 2009 is Coming…

After two years of targeting my BoostCon proposals at the things I thought other people would want to see and do, I decided to take a cue from Scott Meyers. He’s always reminding me that when I run a session, I can have it be about the things I’m interested in. The logic, I guess, is that if it’s worth doing, others will be interested too.

So this year, instead of thinking about what I can teach people, I decided I wanted to see what I could learn, and get stuff done for Boost. Doug Gregor and I decided to submit two session proposals, “Boost++0x #1: hands-on rvalue references,” and “Boost++0x #2: hands-on decltype, variadic templates, advanced SFINAE.” Just like they sound, we’re going to be doing some coding!

The basic gist is to have a very short tutorial review of one or more new C++0x feature followed by 1/2 day of work exploiting these features in a branch of Booost, in groups of 2-3, using the features in GCC >= 4.3. There are two goals:

  1. Give BoostCon attendees (me included!) a chance to play with C++0x features in
    real-world code
  2. Get some useful C++0x features into the Boost Subversion Repository so that Boost is better prepared when C++0x compilers become more commonplace

I’m also really excited to learn more about CMake and make some progress on integrating it and CTest into our processes. Brad King from Kitware is going to be there and has committed to making the changes in their tools that Boost needs.

3 thoughts on “BoostCon 2009 is Coming…

  1. I hope I can do that sometime in my life. C++ is my second language, after Spanish (I’m from Paraguay) and before English.

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